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The MSJS library holds a vast range of resources to appeal to Shravak/Shravika of all age group. The primary resources include books, comics, VCDs, DVDs and MP3s.

Library has 1000+ books available in three languages: Gujarati, Hindi and English. There are books that are very easy to read and understand as well as books for those who are looking for bit more depth and detail. There are general books about Jain practice in our daily routine, as well as books on the analysis of specific topics within our religion including Karma, Dharma Chakra and Jiv Vichar as some of many topics covered.

Furthermore, we have a large range of comic books that cover great stories (for kids) including those of our Chauvis Bhagvan's Bhav, as well as other great Jain figures through time. Many of the comics are in English.

All library items are located in the Kesar room, at the same location as the Derasar. Click here to view Derasar address.

After every Samayik, the library will be open from 1.00pm to 1.30pm. Click here for Samayik dates. Also, during daily Aarti time (8.00pm to 8.45pm during AEST and 9.00 pm to 9.45pm during AEDST - Day Light Saving Time), the library will be open for return/issue of items. Furthermore, for the convenience of the greater public, we have created an MSJS library email account: [email protected] whereby requests for return or issue of items may be communicated.

Library opening times:

During library opening times, anybody can come to borrow or return items. Library committee member will be present to help you borrow and return.


By simply looking up the item you would like to borrow on the online catalogue and emailing a borrowing or returning request, a library committee member will keep your items ready for pickup.


By contacting any of the library committee members by phone, you may make a borrowing or returning request, and a library committee member will keep your items ready for pickup.

All library items are available to view at the online catalogue.

Every library item has a specially designated Serial Number, which establishes its individual identity. If you would like to borrow, renew, reserve or return an item, you should convey this Serial number to a library committee member by either email or telephone.

Vibha Chordiya - 0419 963 397

Nimita Doshi - 0405 505 340

These members can be contacted to help with any queries or questions about borrowing, returning and any other library-related issues.

We have a borrowing limit of 3 books and 2 media items per person. This is to help keep control of the items and avoid misplacement. We are happy for you to borrow new items as often as every 2 days, as long as they come back.

Borrowing period will be for two weeks. However, you may renew or reserve an item by an email, phone or by coming to the library during opening times.

Yes, you may renew and reserve a library item. To either renew or reserve a book, you must contact a library member through phone, email or by coming to the library during opening times.

Media is basically audio/video CD/DVD.