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Sky-clad. Name of the Jaina sect whose mendicants practice ascetic nudity.
Forgive me (or dissolve my mistakes).
Island. A large isolated area. There are two and a half dweeps, each with three kshetras in them.
One or unitary.
Extremism. Absolutist doctrine.
A mendicant who wears a single piece of cloth.
A being with only one sense faculty- that of touch. A synonym for sthavara beings.
The first mendicant disciples of Tirthankaras. Supporters of the order. Mahavir had eleven, the most famous of which was Gautamswami.
The best elephant.
The four types of karmas, whose powers are much stronger than those of the aghati karmas. Karmas that have a vitiating effect upon the qualities of the soul. These powers may last for many lives.
One who practices severe austerities.
Knowledge. A pure soul has infinite knowledge.
A ghati karma that obstructs the capacity of soul to know things in their purest forms.
Karmas that determine environmental circumstances.
Family life. The second of four stages that a Jain shravak and shravika are recommended to pass through in his or her lifetime.
The fourteen stages of purification.
Retraints that reinforce the practice of anuvratas.
Injury, harming violence.