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MSJS is glad to announce the new Yoga and Meditation initiative commencing Saturday 27th October 2018 as per below schedule.

Day     : Every Saturday
Time   : 6.30 AM to 8.00 AM
Venue: MSJS Centre, 124-126, Rowans Road, Moorabbin, 3189

This initiative is the reflection of feedback gathered during MSJS Centre Acquisition celebration on 3rd June 2018.

Yoga and Meditation initiative will help MSJS community members to uplift their spiritual and physical health. Yoga and Meditation is an ancient Indian art/technique to experience true nature of our soul and help quiet our busy mind from all our day to day routine to experience inner peace.

We will be practicing Yoga and Meditation under guidance of Shree Vivek Sethi. Vivekji is Yoga/meditation practitioner for last 25 years. By profession he is Pharmacologist and lived in many countries over last 30 years but one thing always remained same is his passion to practice yoga/meditation and create awareness about benefits of yoga/meditation in community.

General format of practice session will include Pranayama, Meditation and different Yoga poses.

Please register your interest if you would like to join MSJS Yoga/Meditation initiative.

Yoga and Meditation Registration

MSJS Disclaimer about Exclusion of liability

By clicking "Submit", you agree to MSJS Disclaimer about Exclusion of liability

Please read below rules carefully as these will apply to all participants in MSJS Yoga/Meditation initiative:

  1. All participants must complete the registration process on MSJS Website before attending Yoga/Meditation practice which will include signing off MSJS Disclaimer about Exclusion of liability.
  2. Yoga/Meditation practice will run every Saturday from 6.30 AM to 8.00 AM only exclusion to this is; any other MSJS planned events in which case practice will be cancelled or rescheduled and registered practitioners will be notified.
  3. This practice is children friendly so encourage your children to attend.
  4. All practitioners must follow strict dress code which is
    1. Modest clothing must be worn by male and female practitioner.
    2. Loose clothing is advisable over tights and leggings.
    3. No shorts allowed (not even Knees long shorts are allowed)
    4. No footwear is allowed in session. (E.g. Shoes, Yoga Shoes etc.)
  5. It is advisable that participant should not consume any food before the practice session. 
  6. Female participant must not attend practice session during antray (monthly period) days.
  7. Each participant should bring their yoga mat or Single/double bedsheet to practice.
  8. Participant can keep a water bottle with them that can be consumed during a session.
  9. All participants must Sign In/ Sign Out in practice session.
  10. All participant to follow Navkarshi niyam at the centre.

MSJS Management Committee

Micchami Dukdam

खामेमि सव्व जीवे, सव्वे जीवा खमंतु मे,मित्ती मे सव्व-भूएसु, वेरं मज्झ न केणइ