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Respected Shravak/Shravika,


We are pleased to inform you that with the blessing from Dev, Guru and Dharma, MSJS has been awarded the Labh of sponsoring and participating in "Shetrunjay Satkar 2021" on 23 to 26 January 2021 (4 days) at Palitana.

What is Shentrunjay Satkar?

Inspired by Acharya Shri Mukti Vallabh Suri M.S., Acharya Shri Megh Vallabh Suri M.S., Acharya Shri Uday Vallabh Suri M.S. and Acharya Shri Hruday Vallabh Suri M.S., Abount 14 years ago, Samkit Yuvak Mandal, Borivali, Mumbai started a significant initiative to clean-up our sacred Shetrunjay, Palitana. About 600 Sadharmik volunteers of Samkit Yuvak Mandal make their way to Palitana EVERY YEAR for four days around 26th January to make this happen.

Since then more and more activities got included in this initiative which includes:
- Astotari Abhishek
- Pooja Satkar
- Shentrunjay Jatra for old Sadhu Sadhvi Bhagvant
- Shetrunjay Taleti Mahapuja
- Shetrunjay staff Bahumaan and more

More information about what they do is covered later.

Estimated cost of Shetrunjay Satkar is approximately INR 50-60 lakh (AUD 100-120K).

What do we all need to do?

Labh for the entire Shetrunjay Satkar 2021 programme has been kindly awarded to MSJS by Acharya Shri Uday Vallabh Suri M.S. during MSJS Vyakhyan session with Pujyashri in December 2019.

This means we all now have once in a life time opportunity to get connected with Shri Aadeshwar Bhagwan and sacred Shetrunjay Mahatirth as MSJS by participating in Shetrunjay Satkar in 2021. This will also provide everyone an excellent opportunity to be part of the sponsorship.

For now, we would like you to consider Shetrunjay Satkar dates (23rd to 26th January 2021) when you plan your trip to India during Dec 20-Jan 21 period.

While giving this Labh, Acharya Shri Uday Vallabh Suri M.S. has expressed his wish that he would like to see at least the same number of Sadharmik from Australia as the volunteers of Samkit Yuvak Mandal (600!!) who make this happen.

Save the dates:

Dates: 23/01/2021 to 26/01/2021
Days: Saturday to Tuesday
Venue: Palitana, Gujarat, India

More information about activities, accommodation & meals and how everyone of us can take Labh in this event will be communicated at a later date.

MSJS Management Committee.
Day 1: ભવ્ય અષ્ટોત્તરી અભિષેક

ભક્તિમાર્ગ ની અનુપમ અભિવ્યક્તિ
Day 2 & Day 3: સેવા દ્વારા ઋણમુક્તિ

ગિરિરાજ શુદ્ધિકરણ
Day 4: બાહ્ય-આભ્યન્તર શુદ્ધિ પછીનો ઉત્સવ

પૂજા સત્કાર

શેત્રુંજય ની દરેક ટૂંક, છ ગાઉં, ભાડવાનો ડુંગર, સિદ્ધવડના
હજારો પ્રતિમા-પાદુકાની પૂજા
સાથે સાથે થતી બીજી activities
શ્રમણો થી શોભતો શેત્રુંજય

દીર્ઘ સંયમી, સંયમ શોભિત, વયોવૃદ્ધસ્થિરવાસી પૂજનીય શ્રમણ-શ્રમર્ણી ભગવંતો ને અત્યંત બહુમાનપૂર્વક ગિરિરાજ ની યાત્રા
શેત્રુંજય તળેટી મહાપુજા

Pledge never
to use
Plastic ever
again at least
at Shetrunjay
સૂક્ષ્મ નું બળ

આપવા તળેટી

પર સતત

72 કલાક ના

અખંડ જાપ

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