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MSJS organises fortnightly Pathshala (alternate Sunday at 10:30 AM) for children to help them learn the basics of Jainism, start understanding various aspects of Jainism and follow it in Australia.

We run two parallel Pathshala sessions, one in Moorabbin and the other in Western suburbs according to the age groups:

 Moorabbin Suburb: 

  • Group A: Age 5 – 6 : Wonder Touch
  • Group B: Age 7 – 9 : Magic Touch
  • Group C: Age 10+   : Arhat Touch
  • Group D: Age 1 - 4  : Bal Sabha

Western Suburb:

  • Group A: Age 5 – 6 : Wonder Touch
  • Group B: Age 7+    : Magic Touch

Note: Children can start Pathshala provided they complete 5 years by April 30th of the year e.g. Children starting in 2020 should complete 5 years by April 30, 2020.

In order to help us plan, we request all children must go through a simple registration process. Registration should be completed prior to attending the Pathshala session for the first time in the new year.

Please email us on [email protected] for further information.


Pathshala - 2020 Dates

In order to ensure that children do not miss any Pathshala session, we have provided below list of Samayik Dates. Generally Pathshala sessions coincide with Samayik sessions and same is conveyed by an email few days prior to the session. 

The entire Pathshala team (teachers and organisers) work very hard to make each session a very special one. Please make note of these dates in your calendar so that you can plan accordingly and don't miss any of the sessions.

  • 17-01-2021
  • 31-01-2021
  • 14-02-2021
  • 28-02-2021
  • 14-03-2021
  • 28-03-2021
  • 11-04-2021
  • 25-04-2021
  • 09-05-2021
  • 23-05-2021

Please Note: Dates are subject to change due to COVID-19. 

Children Pathshala

Pathshala 2020 Registration