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Guidelines for Sadharmik requesting MSJS to forward email / invitation / any request to entire Sangh:

MSJS will be pleased to forward your Email/invitation/request to everyone on MSJS email list if it meets the following guidelines:

  • Event should be relevant for MSJS members
  • As much as we would like to communicate to all MSJS members about your request/religious event, it is also our intention to minimise the number of emails we send out to entire MSJS to ensure that we do not annoy any Sadharmik on our email list. 
  • Email should be for an event happening in Victoria or Australia wide which is a significant Religious event (Example: Pratishtha, Shibir etc.) or a significant International donation appeal supported by Jainism principles (Example: Jeev Daya) or a significant news related to Jainism in Australia or India (Example Kaal dharma/death of Sadhu Bhagwant or an individual who has significantly influenced MSJS members)
  • Requests should be consistent with MSJS rules and objectives at
  • Request should potentially not conflict with scheduled/planned MSJS events. 
  • MSJS management committee will review each request based on this guideline and decide if it is appropriate to accept the request to forward the email. Decision of the MSJS management committee will be considered final.
  • While forwarding the email, MSJS management committee may decide to add few sentences to convey that this is not MSJS event where appropriate.  
  • Generally no reminder or follow up emails shall be sent unless MSJS management committee is convinced that event details have significantly changed for some unforeseen circumstances.
  • It is responsibility of the person requesting to:
    • Draft the appropriate and clear email. Inappropriate or unclear emails will not be forwarded.
    • Organise event and make RSVP arrangements where appropriate
    • Meals/Refreshment/Drinks served (if any) are following fundamental Jainism principles (to name few):
      • Do not serve food/drink with products using ingredients from animal source
      • Do not serve food/drink with alcohol
      • Do not serve food/drink with root vegetables
      • Do not serve food/drink with products using Abhakshya ingredients
      • Do not serve food/drink prior to Navkarshi or after sunset

If your request meets above guidelines and you are happy to accept above conditions, then please send the request to [email protected] with the draft email and MSJS management committee representative will get back to you.

Micchami Dukdam

खामेमि सव्व जीवे, सव्वे जीवा खमंतु मे,मित्ती मे सव्व-भूएसु, वेरं मज्झ न केणइ