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Karma that restricts enjoyment.
Physical control, abstinence, chastity. One of the mahavrats and anuvrats. Jainism emphasizes abstinence from over-indulgence, voluntary curtailment of one's needs, and the consequent subsiding of the aggressive urge. For shravaks and shravikas, this also means remaining sexually monogamous to one's own spouse. For sadhus and sadhvis this entails strict abstinence.
The life of a student. The first of four stages that a Jain shravak and shravika are recommended to pass through in his or her lifetime.
A prayer to the twenty-four Tirthankaras of this kaal in Bharat Kshetra. We list, bow and praise them for their great virtues.
Soul that lives with four senses, namely touch, taste, smell and sight.
A group of twenty-four.
Charity. Alms-giving.
A type of karma that hinders the practice of charity.
Vision. Intuition. Insight. Perception. A system of philosophy. A pure soul has infinite vision.
A ghati karma that obstructs the capacity of a soul to see things clearly.
A soul in heaven, or at a high spiritual level.
'Divine' cloth. A finely woven piece of cloth.
Heaven. The place where devs reside.
Patience. A pure soul has infinite patience.
Holy law. Elements in Buddhist doctrine. Righteousness (ten forms).
The principle of motion.
Holy path.
Miraculous sound. When a Tirthankara attains enlightenment, this sound emerges from them, silent, yet understood by every living thing in his or her own language.