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Respected Shravak / Shravika, 

MSJS has always endeavor to provide young children the platform to learn and exhibit their skills and talents. This 10th Anniversary, we would like to encourage our young children to participate in Elocution Competition ( वक्तृत्व स्पर्धा ). The goal of this competition is to encourage the skills and talent related to the art of speaking in public for the goal of sharing one’s spiritual experience and expositing one's faith.

The participant will prepare a speech on either of the following subject and present it. (The performance should be no longer than 3 minutes.)

Subject 1: I love My Derasar because.....
Subject 2: How My Derasar is changing our lives?  

Participants will be shortlisted before the final competition which would take place on stage in front of the audience.


Elocution Competition Rules & Guidelines 

  1. The goal of the Elocution competition is to encourage public speaking and sharing one’s spiritual experience and expositing one's faith.
  2. Children upto the age of 14 years can participate in the competition. 
  3. Speech can be in either Hindi, English or Gujarati.
  4. The speech may not exceed 3 minutes in duration. The time limit will be strictly enforced. A 30 second warning will be given.
  5. Children are encouraged to memorize their speech. Use of index cards is allowed, for reference of outline and key points. Reading verbatim from papers, notes, or cards is discouraged and will result in reduction in the participants score.
  6. Points will be awarded based on the following criteria:
  1. Greeting & Introduction of the subject
  2. Exposition of the main theme (conciseness & clarity of message, originality/points of interest, incorporation of personal references & quotations)
  3. Moral & Practical Application
  4. Conclusion
  1. Memorization (evaluated by pauses and amount of referring to index cards)
  2. Verbal Clarity (Annunciation and pronunciation of words, voice strength and projection)
  3. Presentation/Speaking Style (Mannerisms, Audience contact and voice modulation, Ability to keep the audience engaged by their speaking style)
Participants will be shortlisted before the final competition which would take place on stage. The decision of the judges will be final.

Please register your child by 11th March 2018.

Event Lead: Jeet Savla 0423 754 728

For further queries, please email us on [email protected]

Kind Regards
MSJS Management Committee.

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