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A period of avasarpini in which extraordinary events may take place.
Sense organ.
Followers of a Jina, a synonym for Nigantha. One who has samyak-darsana.
False Jainas.
Laypeople in charge of priestly functions within certain Jaina communities.
'The continent of the rose-apple tree.' The realm in the universe that is inhabited by humans. This region is transverse by six mountains which divide the region into seven regions. The most important regions are India in the south, Airavat in the north, and Mahavideha in the middle. It is believed that in these three regions, humans may find rewards for religious pursuits and that deliverance may be possible.
Birth. One of the five auspicious events in the career of a Tirthankara.
'Conqueror.' He who has conquered love and hate, pleasure and pain, attachment and aversion, and has thereby freed `his' soul from the karmas obscuring knowledge, perception, truth, and ability, is a Jina. The Jains refer to the Jina as God.
Jaina scripture.
Jaina temple
Image of a Jina.
Compassion toward living beings.
Area of space in which zodiac planets, stars, etc. are located
Time. Time stages within the progressive and regressive half-cycles. Runs into more than billions of years, per cycle.
Auspicious moments.
Ceremony of giving away the bride.
'I do.'
Action. A deed, good or bad. A form of matter. Upon maturing, it delivers its fruit. There are 4 Ghati and 4 Aghati types of karmas. Powers of Ghati karmas are much stronger, and they last for many lives.