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With the blessings of Dev, Guru, and Dharma, we are pleased to extend a warm welcome to the Abhangdwar Pathshala, a new initiative by Shri Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh under guidance of Shri Jinshaasan Anuragi and our brother Shri Deepakbhai Shah (Bardoli).

Abhangdwar Pathshala means a religious school whose doors will never close; In which the Shri Tirthankar Prabhu has given us the opportunity to become students.

Initially, the curriculum will include
1. Swadhyay on “Pathshala Granth” written by Acharya Bhagwant Shri Pradyumna Suri Maharaja
2. To recite stavans, learn & understand the meaning of Stavan of 24 Tirthankar Prabhu (Stavan Chovisi) written by Mahopadhyay Yashovijayji Maharaja.

The Swadhyay will be held under the same banyan tree where Acharya Bhagwant did Swadhyay over many hours. We intend to deliver these Swadhyay sessions to ALL Jain families across the globe via online sessions using Zoom & YouTube.

Every individual who has the desire to be a Shravak/Shravika according to Jainism principles & values, who has great respect for the knowledge (Gyan), is welcome to join this Pathshala.

Shri Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh is pleased to invite you to join this Swadhyay and Prabhu Bhakti sessions – Abhangdwar Pathshala.

Registration is required to join Abhangdwar Pathshala and the session details of the Swadhyay will be sent only to those who have registered.

Swadhyay Introduction Videos


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