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Respected Shravak/Shravika,


Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh (MSJS) is pleased to invite you and your family to the Samooh Snatra Mahotsav & Sakal Sangh Swamivatsalya on Sunday 15th June 2014 at 11:30 am at The Finnish Society of Melbourne, 119 Pier Street, Altona Victoria 3018.

Considering request and wishes of Sadharmik from Western suburbs of Melbourne, MSJS trustees are pleased to arrange this Samooh Snatra Mahotsav in Altona (Western suburb of Melbourne).

Snatra Mahotsav will be followed by Swamivatsalya at 3:30 PM (Sunset is at 5:05 PM). We request all sadharmik to come in pooja clothes to participate in Snatra Pooja.

Kind regards,

MSJS committee

Programme Details

15th June 2014 (Sunday)   From  
Snatra Pooja  11:30  am
Dinner (Swamivatsalya) 16:00 pm


Sunday, 15th June 2014 - The Finnish Society Of Melbourne

119 Pier St, Altona VIC 3018.

Hall is located within walking distance from Altona station. This would be MSJS first major event in western subur of Melbourne.

Please note

  • Please come in Pooja clothes to participate in Samooh Snatra Mahotsav.                         

Snatra Pooja

Snatra Pooja has been created by Pandit Shri Veer Vijayji Maharaj in a very poetic style. It illustrates the celebration of two of the auspicious (out of five) events (Kalyanaks) occurring in last life of Tirthankar Bhagwan. Two Kalyanaks narrated in this Puja are Chyavan (conception) and Janma (birth) of Tirthankar.

This Puja recital explains the effect of Bhagawan’s birth on the whole universe, narrates how glorious the occasion was and how much joys were shared by all the living souls including all heavenly souls.

Puja in end includes Ashta Prakari Puja and wishes Shanti (peace) for all living beings and rejoices the event by performing Aarti, Mangal Divo, Shanti Kalash and Chaitya Vandan.

Snatra Labh

Following chadava will be given during Samooh Snatra Mahotsav on 15th of June 2014 at 11.30 am:

  • Indra and Indrani no lab - Labharthi family will do the whole Snatra (other than first astraprakari pooja aarti, mangal divo and shanti kalash). This is an amulya labh as labharthi family will do whole Janma Mahotsav of bhagwan.


  • First Astaprakari Pooja - Labharthi Family will be first one to do all Astaprakari pooja. 
  • Aarti 
  • Mangal Divo
  • Shanti kalash 

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Ahimsa Paramo Dharma

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