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Residential Shibir 2015 - By Shree Deepakbhai Shah (Bardoli)

Respected Shravak / Shravika 


A residential Shibir is a fantastic medium to learn, understand and explore Jain philosophy whilst also reflecting upon our inner selves and our faith, in a collective and cohesive manner, in a particularly conducive environment.

Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh (MSJS), with the support from Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide Jain Sangh, cordially invites you to attend and participate in Residential Shibir 2015 during Easter holidays between 3rd to 6th April 2015.

Swadhyay Premi Shree Deepakbhai Shah (Bardoli) and a team of volunteers from India will lead us to embark on a spiritual journey through this Shibir and Prabhu Bhakti. From a very young age, Deepakbhai has been closely connected with many Jain Sadhu Bhagwant for in depth studies in Jainism. He has been helping many Sadharmik around the world to learn and understand Jain Tatva Gyan via Shibir, Prabhu Bhakti and other religious events. He is well known for his Shasan seva by way of anchoring many religious events including Shibir, Tap Samvedna, Saiyam Anumodana and Shripal Mayna No Raas.

The Shibir is based on Shant Sudharas Granth written by Mahopadhyay Shri Vinay Vijayji Maharaj about 350 years ago. This Granth beautifully explains 16 Bhavanas such as Anitya, Asharan and Ekatva. Shree Deepakbhai will highlight and explain various aspects of the Granth to help us understand and implement its principles in our daily life.

Kind Regards,

Shibir 2015 Committee

Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh.

Program Highlights

  • Pravachan on Shant Sudharas and 16 Bhavana
  • Bhakti Sangeet & Jain Trivia
  • Samooh Aayambil - Navpadji Oli
  • Meals Provided
  • Resort Style Accommodation - 3 nights & 4 days
  • Child Minding Available
  • Special Activities for Children

Venue Location

MSJS has booked a good venue near the beach called The Portsea Camp situated at Portsea in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria about 1 hour 15 minutes from Melbourne. The Portsea Camp, in addition to excellent beach view, provides group accommodation facilities with numerous function & meeting rooms and wealth of outdoor based activities. It is a perfect place for residential shibir. It also allows us to use their excellent kitchen facility to prepare meals according to Jainism principles using our utensils. For more information please visit their website

The Portsea Camp - 3704 Point Nepean Road, Portsea VIC 3944.

Shibir Video

Shibir Audio

Edited version of the Shibir audio can be downloaded from here.

~ Listen Online ~

Ochintu Koi Mane
Swadhyay 1
Swadhyay 2
Swadhyay 3
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~ High Quality ~

Ochintu Koi Mane
Swadhyay 1
Swadhyay 2
Swadhyay 3
Swadhyay 4
Swadhyay 5
Swadhyay 6
Swadhyay 7
Swadhyay 8
Swadhyay 9
Swadhyay 10
Swadhyay 11

Important Notes

  • This is a Jain Residential Shibir where all participants will have to follow all fundamental principles of Jainism.
  • No food will be served by the Shibir Committee before Navkarshi and after sunset. Boiled water will be available. MSJS will organise a chef from India for this 3 nights/4 days residential shibir. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for all three days according to Jainism principles.First two days of Shibir are last two days of Navpadji Oli. Hence arrangements will be made for Samooh Aayambil for those two days. Arrangements will be made for those doing Tapasya. 
  • Everyone will be able to do Daily Ashtaprakari Pooja as we intend to take 18 Abhishek Bhagwan. 
  • Please bring appropriate clothes. Shorts or similar inappropriate clothes are not allowed.
  • As we get closer to the event, more information will be sent to all participants about what to bring, how to get there etc. 
  • MSJS is planning to provide child minding facility during Pravachan time of the Shibir. The child minding facility will give the free time and peace of mind to parents with young kids and babies so they can participate in the Pravachan. The confirmation of the child minding facility is subject to number of kids and availability of the resources.
  • MSJS is planning to arrange special religious activities for children between age of 8 and 15. 
  • Please note that accommodation will be allocated by the Shibir 2015 committee by considering various criterias including registration date. All are requested to accept the committee's decision as final. Children under 3 years will not get a separate bed.
  • If for ANY reason, you are unable to attend the Shibir, the deposit money will be treated as donation to MSJS and same will NOT be refunded.
  • MSJS Management committee reserves the right to amend any of the above and programs should circumstances change, without advance notice.

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