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MSJS Virti Vrund
MSJS Virti Vrund

With the inspiration from the Veer Sainik, MSJS Virti Vrund was formed by a group of Shravika, during Paryushan, 2017. This small group with the support from MSJS Committee, have now come up with Virti Vrund objectives - as mentioned below:

Empowering Women Sadharmik, Practicing Jainism in Daily Life

  • Sadharmik Women Networking
  • Building Friendships
  • Help and Support Sadharmiks
  • Contribute to Shashan Seva

Recipe Sharing and Documentation

  • Ingredients & Methods
  • Awareness & Alternates

Garbh Sanskaran

Parenting Issues

To promote principles of:

  • Pure vegetarianism, non-violence, multiplicity of views ('anekantvad')

 to kick-start Sadharmik Women Networking

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