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Samooh Aayambil Labh Request


Considering more and more families have started expressing their interest in taking Samooh Aayambil Labh during two Navpadji Oli every year, we have come up with a new process which is as below:

  • A family interested in taking Samooh Aayambil Labh will need to express their interest via MSJS website
  • Samooh Aayambil Labharthi will be decided based on a lucky draw
  • The lucky draw will be performed on the Samooh Aayambil day for the Samooh Aayambil Labharthi for the next Oli i.e. Chaitra 2024 Samooh Aayambil Labharthi will be decided on Samooh Aayambil day during Aaso 2023 Oli
  • If there is only one family who has expressed interest then they will get the Labh
  • If more than one family has expressed interest then there will be a lucky draw
  • The family who gets the Labh won't be included in the lucky draw for the next one Oli 
  • Currently, the Nakra amount for Samooh Aayambil is $2,501. This is based on the number of Aayambil that happened during the recent similar events.

For queries, please email us at [email protected].


MSJS Management Committee


Micchami Dukdam

खामेमि सव्व जीवे, सव्वे जीवा खमंतु मे,मित्ती मे सव्व-भूएसु, वेरं मज्झ न केणइ