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Respected Shravika,


MSJS Virti Vrund - A female-only group was formed during Paryushan 2017 which has grown over time. One of the main objectives of Virti Vrund is to educate and empower female Sadharmik to practice Jainism in their daily life. 

Keeping this objective in mind, Virti Vrund has organised multiple events every year since its inception. We are also pleased to inform you that this is the 5th year for MSJS Virti Vrund

You are invited to yet another upcoming Virti Vrund event per the details given below. 

Details for the upcoming event:
Day & Date: Sunday, 22nd May 2022
Time: 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM
Location: MSJS Centre, 124-126 Rowans Road, Moorabbin 3189
Dress code: Traditional wear
Who can attend?: It's a female-only event. All women and girls above the age of 10 are welcome to join
Agenda: Activities & performances followed by lunch


Let’s make this event very special for all of us!!!

MSJS Virti Vrund Committee

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