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પરમ ના ચરણે સમર્પણ


Respected Shravak/Shravika,


With the blessings of Dev, Guru and Dharma we are looking forward to the grand Anjanshalaka Mahotsav planned at Shri Manas Mandiram Tirth Shahapur, Maharashtra, India from Saturday 28th Jan to Thursday 2nd Feb 2023.

The entire Mahotsav is being planned under the spiritual guidance of Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Shri Jagvallabh Suri Maharaja and will include various rituals and Poojan. 

Following from the recent online information session with Param Pujya Ganivarya Dan Vallabh Vijayji Maharaja, MSJS has organised a special event "પરમ ના ચરણે સમર્પણ" (Param Na Charane Samarpan) on Sunday 21st Aug 2022 (weekend before Paryushan).  

મારા કાજલ ને તારા અંજન નું સગપણ

મારા હૃદય નુ તારા નયન સાથે  જોડાણ 

પરમ ના ચરણે સમર્પણ

મારી ભક્તિ ને તારી દ્રષ્ટિ નું મિલન

હે નાથ! મારું સર્વ તને અર્પણ

પરમ ના ચરણે સમર્પણ


MSJS is pleased to inform you that Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Shri Jagvallabh Suri Maharaja will grace the occasion by his presence via Zoom when Shri Sangh will be providing yet another "Once-in-a-Lifetime" opportunity to participate in various Anjanshalaka Mahotsav Labh (combinations of Chadhava or Nakra).

Event details:
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Navkarshi/Porshi
10:30 AM - 11:50 AM Jajam Patharva no,  Labharthi Bahuman & Munimji no Labh
11:50 AM - 12:10 PM Jajam Patharva nu Mahurat
12:10 PM - 03:30 PM Param Na Charne Samarpan event
03.30 PM - 05:00 PM Chauvihar
05:30 PM - 07:30 PM Param Na Charne Samarpan event continue

Note: If you are interested in taking Jajam Patharvani vidhi labh then please bring one set of clean clothes (Chokha kapada).

RSVP is mandatory to attend this event and it will be closed at 9:00 PM on Tuesday, 16th August 2022.

Anjanshalaka Labh Explanation

In view of the immense significance of the Labh to be given on Sunday 21st Aug 2022, an online information session with Param Pujya Ganivarya Dan Vallabh Vijayji Maharaja was scheduled on 31/07/2022 to enlighten us on:

  • What is Anjanshalaka?
  • Labh available on 21st August
  • Importance of each Labh

Important Note:

  1. MSJS would encourage all attendees to wear masks during large public gatherings and follow the health guidelines as per Govt’s instructions.
  2. All are requested to park their cars at the appropriate locations around MSJS Centre by adhering to council parking rules and permit requirements.
  3. The Management committee reserves the right to amend any of the above scheduled items, should circumstances change, without advance notice.

For queries, please email us at [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Kind Regards,

MSJS Management Committee

Navkarshi/Porshi - Sunday 21/08/2022
Chauvihar - Sunday 21/08/2022

In order to minimise food wastage or shortage, we are using this RSVP system. You will be required to pay a 100% REFUNDABLE deposit of AUD $10.00 per person per meal at the time of doing RSVP. This deposit will be refunded on the day of the event.

If you wish to cancel your meal or child minding RSVP please email [email protected] by a day before the meal day that you would like to cancel for. Upon cancellation, RSVP deposit amount will be refunded at the meal counter.

If for ANY reason, you are unable to attend the meal after having paid the deposit and RSVP is not cancelled, money will be donated to our Shubh Sarva Sadharan account and same will NOT be refunded.

To continue with RSVP please complete the following steps

  1. Check the Payable Amount shown below
  2. Go to your internet banking website and deposit the Payable Amount to MSJS account
    "Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh Inc"
    BSB: 013483
    A/C No: 268318925

    (please note that this is a different account from normal donation account)
  3. Include your Phone / Mobile number in your internet banking transaction reference (same as the one you mentioned above)
  4. After transferring the amount, please include your internet banking transaction / reference number in the below field to continue the RSVP

You must continue after depositing Payable Amount.

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