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Sharing equally, with love and respect.
Life as a monk, a period of renunciation. This is the fourth of four stages that a Jain shravak and shravika are recommended to pass through in his or her lifetime.
Four vows, which prepare and train a householder for the eventual muni life.
Male householder, following the principles of Jainism.
Female householder, following the principles of Jainism.
A prefix used to indicate respect.
One who has achieved complete liberation from cycles of births and deaths, and now in muktishila.
Immobile beings, such as plants.
Ritual act of asking a monk to stop for alms.
A scripture written in the ancient Ardhamaghdhi language.
White, cotton-clad. Name of a Jaina sect whose medicants wear white garments.
Penance which contributes to the destruction of karmas. A pure soul has infinite tapa.
For (my blemished soul).
The nine 'reals', regarded as objects of faith for a Jaina.
Lives with three senses, namely touch, taste and smell.
Three times.
'Builders of the ford.'?? One who reestablishes the religion and fourfold society system of Sadhus, Sadhvis, Shravaks and Shravikas.
A sadhu who learned, mastered and now teaches religious scriptures.
Upliftment or elevation.