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|| જય આદિનાથ ||

|| જય ગિરિરાજ ||


With the blessings of Param Pujya Gurudev Acharya Shri Uday Vallabh Suri M.S. and the cooperation from Shri Samkit Yuvak Mandal (SYM), Borivali, MSJS is the proud sponsor of Shri Shatrunjay Satkar 2023 (22nd to 26th January 2023). 

This activity is being done for the last 16 years and MSJS is the first Jain Sangh to get this Labh. With that, we will be very fortunate to have the presence of Param Pujya Gurudev Acharya Shri Uday Vallabh Suri M.S. at Palitana for Satkar 2023.


Tentative Programme:
Day, Date Programme
Saturday, 21st Jan 2023 લાભાર્થીઓ નું આગમન (ચૌવિહાર પછી)
Sunday, 22nd Jan 2023 સવારે સેવાર્થીઓ નું આગમન, શ્રી સુમતિનાથ ભગવાન ચ્યવન કલ્યાણક, ઉત્તમ દ્રવ્યો થી અષ્ટોત્તરી, તળેટી ઉપર અખંડ જાપ નો શુભ પ્રારંભ, રાત્રી મિલન 
Monday, 23rd Jan 2023 શ્રી ગિરિરાજ શુદ્ધિકરણ, શ્રમણો થી શોભતો શત્રુંજય, રાત્રી મિલન
Tuesday, 24th Jan 2023 શ્રી ગિરિરાજ શુદ્ધિકરણ, શ્રમણો થી શોભતો શત્રુંજય, શ્રી જય તળેટી ઉપર મહા પૂજા અને અનુપમ દિવ્ય ભક્તિધારા (TBC)
Wednesday, 25th Jan 2023 શ્રી પૂજા સત્કાર - ઢોલ, શરણાઈ, શંખનાદ આદિ દિવ્યધ્વનિ સાથે દશાંગ/ગુગળ આદિ ઉત્તમ ધૂપ સુગંધ અને ગુલાબ-કેવડા આદિ પવિત્ર જળ છંટકાવના મનોહર વાતાવરણ સાથે અક્ષત/પુષ્પો/મોતી આદિ ઉત્તમ દ્રવ્યોથી શ્રી ગિરિરાજ વધામણાં કરવા દ્વારા શ્રી શત્રુંજય ની જાત્રા
Thursday, 26th Jan 2023 TBC
What is Shantrunjay Satkar?

One of the Sarvottam (સર્વોત્તમ) Jain Shashan Sushravak Shri Kumarpalbhai V. Shah inspired the idea of Shri Shantrunjay Satkar in 2006.

Guided by Acharya Shri Mukti Vallabh Suri M.S., Acharya Shri Megh Vallabh Suri M.S., Acharya Shri Uday Vallabh Suri M.S. and Acharya Shri Hruday Vallabh Suri M.S., Samkit Yuvak Mandal, Borivali started a significant initiative to clean-up our sacred Shatrunjay.

About 600-700 young Sadharmik volunteers (સેવાર્થી) make their way to Palitana EVERY YEAR around 26th January to clean Shatrunjay and a lot of other related activities.

Shatrunjay Satkar main activities:

  • Astotari Abhishek
  • Shatrunjay Shuddhikaran
  • SSS - Shramano thi Shobhato Shatrunjay
  • Taleti Maha Pooja and Bhakti
  • Sadhu Sadhviji Vaiyavach
  • Pooja Satkar
  • Sankalp Patra
  • Ratri Milan
  • Akhand Jaap
  • Staff Bahumaan
  • And many more one-off activities

An online session on Shri Shantrunjay Satkar Samjan (સમજણ) was conducted on Sunday, 19th June 2022. Shri Urvilbhai Vakhariya and Shri Piyushbhai Shah from Shri Samkit Yuvak Mandal gave information on:

  • What is Shri Shatrunjay Satkar?
  • The inspirer, guide and the activities that happen 
  • How does 600-700 Shravak-Shravika get the opportunity to work under Shri Samkit Yuvak Mandal’s guidance to purify our Shashvato Giriraj?
  • How will Shravak-Shravika from MSJS and all the other Sangh of Australia be a part of this?
  • Can our extended family join?
  • What a unique lifetime opportunity MSJS has been awarded
  • And much more…

A recording of this session is available online. We encourage everyone to view this session at least once.

It is important to note only either volunteer (સેવાર્થી) or sponsorer (લાભાર્થી) can attend Shri Shatrunjay Satkar

To be a volunteer - One needs to go to form filling ceremony on a pre-decided date and place. The door opens at 4:00 PM but those who don't want to miss this Labh, start queuing up from 8:00 AM. 

To be a sponsorer - Well, there is a long queue of individuals who want to sponsor Satkar but waiting for their turn for so many years.

So in Shri Urvilbhai's words - this puts us (MSJS) in a very favorable position where we are getting this red carpet invitation to attend Shri Shatrunjay Satkar. 

Chyavan Kalyanak Celebration during Shri Shatrunjay Satkar 2023

Before we go to Shahpur for Anjanshalaka Mahotsav planned from 28/01/2023 to 02/02/2023, MSJS will celebrate Chyavan Kalyanak of Shri Sumatinath Bhagwan, Shri Shantinath Bhagwan and Shri Siddhachakra Bhagwan at Palitana during Satkar 2023. This will be performed under the spiritual guidance of Param Pujya Gurudev Acharya Shri Uday Vallabh Suri M.S.

What's next for MSJS Sadharmik?

1. Take Labh of Shri Shatrunjay Satkar 2023 in a personal capacity:

It is expected that Satkar 2023 will cost approx INR 1 Cr. This includes transportation, accommodation, food and kits given to all the volunteers. It also includes all the activities performed during Satkar i.e. Astotari, Akhand Jaap etc.

To fund this, MSJS is offering the following Labh to Sadharmik:

  • AUD $11k
  • AUD $5k
  • AUD $2k
Special Labh during Shri Shatrunjay Satkar that are yet to be worked out with Shri Samkit Yuvak Mandal will be given to each of this Labharti category.

For those who want to take this Labh, please email us at [email protected].

2. RSVP latest by Friday, 15/07/2022

Shri Samkit Yuvak Mandal (SYM), Borivali is the organiser of the event. One of the biggest challenges for them is to find the required number of Dharamshala rooms in the vicinity of Taleti for 5 to 6 continuous days, as Palitana is a place where Dharamshala gets booked well in advance for Updhaan, 99 Yatra and many other Anusthaan (અનુષ્ઠાન) after end of Chaturmas.

For the previous years, they had 1-3 families as Labharthi Parivar, and with the upfront knowledge of the number of Labharthi (લાભાર્થી) family members and volunteers (સેવાર્થી), they could book the required number of Dharamshala rooms at least 7 to 8 months in advance.

The scenario in "Satkar 2023" is different though. As MSJS (Sangh) is Labharthi, it is very difficult to gauge the attendees as a number of MSJS families have shown a desire to bring their parents and siblings. 

Shri Samkit Yuvak Mandal has made tentative room bookings for Labharthi.  However, they have requested (MSJS) to share a final number of attendees (MSJS Sadharmik incl relatives) latest by mid-July 2022, which will allow them to confirm the room bookings with Dharmshalas.

To ensure hassle-free accommodation in Palitana for Shri Shatrunjay Satkar event, we are requesting everyone to submit their RSVP latest by Friday, 15/07/2022.

RSVP for AUD $10 per person per day:

MSJS is sponsoring Shri Shatrunjay Satkar which includes Satkar related activities. It does not include the cost for MSJS attendees. 

To pay for MSJS attendees accommodation and food, there would be a nominal charge of AUD $10 per person per day. So $50 per person for the entire Satkar. This is a subsidised cost as the actual cost is higher than this. The deficit will be funded by MSJS's SSS (Spiritual Security Subscription) fund.

RSVP Rules:
  • First come first served
  • Non- refundable
  • RSVP is for five days only (no option to select less than five days)
  • Submit RSVP for everyone who will need a bed (note that we have decided to go based on the bed requirement for a child instead of defining the age)
  • MSJS Management committee reserves the right to amend any of the above without a prior notice

For queries, please email us at [email protected].

MSJS Management Committee.

Video Highlights of Shri Shatrunjay Satkar 2023


Day 1: ભવ્ય અષ્ટોત્તરી અભિષેક

ભક્તિમાર્ગ ની અનુપમ અભિવ્યક્તિ
Day 2 & Day 3: સેવા દ્વારા ઋણમુક્તિ

ગિરિરાજ શુદ્ધિકરણ
Day 4: બાહ્ય-આભ્યન્તર શુદ્ધિ પછીનો ઉત્સવ

પૂજા સત્કાર

શેત્રુંજય ની દરેક ટૂંક, છ ગાઉં, ભાડવાનો ડુંગર, સિદ્ધવડના
હજારો પ્રતિમા-પાદુકાની પૂજા
સાથે સાથે થતી બીજી activities
શ્રમણો થી શોભતો શેત્રુંજય

દીર્ઘ સંયમી, સંયમ શોભિત, વયોવૃદ્ધસ્થિરવાસી પૂજનીય શ્રમણ-શ્રમર્ણી ભગવંતો ને અત્યંત બહુમાનપૂર્વક ગિરિરાજ ની યાત્રા
શેત્રુંજય તળેટી મહાપુજા

Pledge never
to use
Plastic ever
again at least
at Shatrunjay
સૂક્ષ્મ નું બળ

આપવા તળેટી

પર સતત

72 કલાક ના

અખંડ જાપ






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