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Act of bowing, or offering salutations.
Family and service to society. This is the third of four stages that a Jain shravak and shravika are recommended to pass through in his or her lifetime.
Forest dweller.
Reverent salutation.
Caste, hierarchy, class. Color. A quality of matter.
Ritual celebrating the establishment of a new household by a married son.
Sexual feelings.
An aghati karma that determines the mundane experience of pain and pleasure.
Strength. A pure soul has infinite strength.
Beginning of the Jaina era. Death anniversary of Mahavir.
One from whom attachment is gone for materials.
The soul's ineradicable tendency towards spiritual growth.
A spiritually advanced layman of the Svetambara sect.
Vibration, Activities, or Meditation.
A measure of distance equal to about eight or nine miles.