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Non-possessiveness. One of the mahavrats and anuvrats.
One of the six divisions of time in one half of the time cycle. Runs from thousands to billions of years. We are currently in the 5th ara of the descending half of the time cycle, which started some 2500 years ago.
Violence occurring either accidentally or through the performance of an acceptable occupation.
The lamp-waving ceremony.
A piece of cloth worn by ancient Jaina monks.
Conqueror of internal enemies, such as anger, pride, deceit, greed, jealousy, hatred, intrigue and various other passions.
Karmic influx. One of the nine tattvas.
Non-stealing. One of the mahavrats and anuvrats.
Thirty-five special attributes of Tirthankaras.
One who may come any time, unexpectedly, without invitation, and is still welcomed with love and respect.
Eating only a very small portion of food.
Regressive half of the time cycle.
Karma that determines the span of a given lifetime.
An aghati karma that determines how long you will live.
Karmic bondage. One of the nine tattvas.
Souls that live with two sense, namely touch and taste.
Repected (Lord).
Name of a kshetra. We live in Bharat Kshetra. It is located in the southern part of Jambu Dweep (look at geography section for more details).
Internal. States of a dravya. Thoughts, contemplations.