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Respected Shravak / Shravika,


With blessings of Dev, Guru and Dharma, Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh (MSJS) is pleased to invite you and your family to 12th Jinalay Anniversary and Bhoomi Poojan/Khanan Vidhi celebration for new Jinalay & MSJS Centre on 29th February & 1st March 2020 respectively.

This 2-days long celebration will include following activities.

  • 18 Abhishek of Jinalay Prabhuji, MSJS Centre Prabhuji and Personal Pratimaji & Jinalay Dhaja Rohan on Saturday 29th February 2020
  • Bhoomi Poojan and Khanan Vidhi for new Jinalay and MSJS Centre on Sunday 1st March 2020.

Panditji Shri Parasbhai Shah from Mumbai, India will be conducting various Poojan and ceremonies throughout the anniversary celebration.

All are encouraged to be part of history in making by participating in both important events; especially Bhoomi Poojan & Khanan Vidhi for new Jinalay and MSJS Centre.

Refer to program details for more information. Please note that RSVP is required for all meals.

All are required to be in pooja clothes to participate in 18 Abhishek, Dhaja Rohan and all Poojan.

For any queries, please contact us on [email protected] .

Kind Regards,

MSJS Management Committee


MSJS Centre/Jinalay Bhoomi Poojan Khanan Vidhi

Bhoomi Poojan:

Bhoomi Poojan is performed before the construction to seek the blessing of the holy gods and goddesses and to consecrate the place with positive energy. Bhoomi puja is dedicated to Goddess Bhoomi, Vastu Purush, Khestrapal (Protector of Land) and the deity of direction.

Bhoomi Poojan gets the land rid of any evil or bad powers, enabling a fresh and auspicious start.

Khanan Vidhi:

Khanan vidhi also known as ground breaking is a symbolic and auspicious tradition. We will be digging the land reserved for a MSJS Centre and MSJS Jinalay using the Pickaxes.

During the process Labharthi families will be given a chance to perform initial ground breaking ceremony using pickaxes and start foundation building for the future MSJS Centre/Jinalay.

This tradition also shows our commitment towards successfully completing our endeavour to build grand Jinalay  and MSJS Centre.


MSJS Bhoomi Poojan/Khanan Vidhi Invitation (Gujarati)

MSJS Bhoomi Poojan/Khanan Vidhi Invitation (English)

Khanan Vidhi Explanation (Gujarati)


Program Details:


Program Details

Start Time

Saturday 29/02/2020

18 Abhishek Pooja

09:15 AM

Bhoomi Poojan/Khanan vidihi explanation and Chadava

11:45 AM

Swami Vatsalya 

01:30 PM

Sunday 01/03/2020

Snatra Pooja

08:15 AM

Dashdikpal Poojan

08:45 AM

Navgrah Poojan

09:30 AM

Ashta Mangal Poojan

10:15 AM

Aarti Mangal Divo

10:30 AM

Shanti Kalash

10:40 AM

Kshetrapal Poojan

10:55 AM

Bhumi Grahan Vidhi

11:25 AM

Vastu Purush Sthapana

11:55 AM

Bhumi Poojan Jinalay/Centre

12:10 PM

Khanan Vidhi Jinalay/Centre

12:22 PM Muhurt

Swami Vatsalya

1:00 PM

Venue Locations:

MSJS Centre (124-126, Rowans Road, Moorabbin, Vic 3189)


  1. On 29th of February each Pratimaji Pratistha Labharthi for MSJS Centre will be given labh to perform 18 Abhishek on their respective Pratimaji at MSJS Centre.
  2. Following Bhoomi Poojan/Khanan Vidhi Chadava will be given on Saturday 29/02/2020



Who Can do it

Additional Labh Included


Navgrah Patla Poojan




10 Dikpal Patla Poojan

10 Dikpal Bakuda





Ashta Mangal Patla Poojan




Aarti & Mangal Divo




Shanti Kalash




Kshetrapal Sthapana

Kalash Sthapana





Vastu Purush Puja




Bhoomi Poojan Vidhi – MSJS Centre


  • Pila Sarsav Ni Vidhi
  • Panch Gavya Vidhi
  • Sona Vani Ni Dhara
  • Shanti Kalash Pani Chhatvu
  • Bhumi 8 Prakari Pooja


Bhoomi Poojan Vidhi – Jinalay


  • Pila Sarsav
  • Panch Gavya
  • Sona Vani Ni Dhara
  • Shanti Kalash Pani Chhatvu
  • Bhumi 8 Prakari Pooja


Khanan Vidhi – MSJS Centre


  • Sukan Batavano Labh
  • Khanan Vidhi – MSJS Centre


Khanan Vidhi – Jinalay


  • Mandap Toran Sthapana
  • Orjaro nu Poojan
  • Khanan Vidhi - Jinalay

MSJS solely depends on support from community members by way of attendance, contributions, donations and sponsorship.

The following are the Nakras for this event:

Sadharmik Bhakti: Swami Vatsalya and Sangh Prabhavana - $301 (Many individuals can participate).

18 Abhishek Personal Pratimaji - $51

Please note that maximum of 4 person can participate in one Abhishek for Bhagwan and maximum of 2 person can participate in one Abhishek for Mataji at Derasarji.

Due to space constraints on account of construction work at MSJS Centre, we are compelled to allow a maximum of 1 person per family to participate while performing 18 Abhishek at MSJS Centre. Rest of the family members are requested to sit on benches on the side or outside the temple room and rotate over as required.

To confirm your Nakra, select appropriate option(s) in the RSVP form for available labh or contact Himesh Doshi on [email protected] (0402 554 953). 

RSVP is now closed. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.


    1. MSJS Centre Carpark will not be available during Bhoomi Poojan/Khanan Vidhi on 1/03/2020.
    2. All are requested to park their cars at appropriate location around MSJS centre by adhering council parking rules and permit requirements.
    3. Only labharthi families will be allowed to go to Derasar during 18 Abhishek ceremonies.
    4. Please keep noise level as low as possible and DO NOT go on to street outside Derasar to make use of your mobile.

    General Rules and Guidance:

    • All who wish to participate in any Poojan, 18 Abhishek and Dhaja Rohan are required to be in Pooja Clothes.
    • Management reserves the right to change programme details and any of the terms and conditions due to unenforceable situations and physical limitations of the venue.  
    • All are expected to fully co-operate with the team for this arrangement and help to keep our Derasar going for years to come. Please accept our apology (Michchhami Dukadam) for any inconvenience this may cause.


Nimit Shah

0433 074 461

Event Lead

Kumarpal Bohra

0415 266 817


Ridhhi Mehta

0416 495 082

Meal Arrangements

Rachana Shah

0409 163 970


Sonal Bohra

0451 503 565


Miten Shah

0433 370 189


Dharmil Shah

0402 116 715


Vikram Jain

0421 157 870


Gaurang Shah

0430 536 091


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