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Sattar-Bhedi Pooja & Samooh Aayambil On Sun 16th October, 2016

MSJS has organised Sattar Bhedi Pooja & Samooh Aayambil on Sunday 16th October 2016 at 09:00 am at Brighton Town Hall, Cnr Carpenter & Wilson Streets, Brighton VIC 3186.



Sattar-Bhedi Pooja & Samooh Aayambil

Respected Shravak and Shravika,

Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh (MSJS) is pleased to inform that the Navpadji Oli / Aayambil Oli starts on Saturday 8th October, 2016 and ends on Sunday 16th October 2016 (Aaso Sud 7 to Aaso Sud 15).
Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh (MSJS) has organised Sattar-Bhedi Pooja & Samooh Aayambil on Sunday 16th October 2016 at 09:00 am at Brighton Town Hall, Cnr Carpenter & Wilson Streets, Brighton VIC 3186.

Important :
To enable all Sadharmik to participate in Sattar-Bhedi Pooja, MSJS has made arrangements for Aayambil as well as normal meal (Lunch)

Those who do not wish to do Aayambil are welcome to participate in Sattar-Bhedi Pooja and have normal meal instead. RSVP is required for all meals and Pooja participation. 

Samooh Aayambil Sponsors

Sadharmik Parivar

Sattar Bhedi Pooja is usually performed to do prayaschit for any ashatana done in Sangh Derasar or Sangh events throughout the year (Example: Sneezing during Samvatsari Pratikraman). MSJS has organised this pooja to bring peace, happiness, prosperity, and good health for all.

MSJS will provide all required items for the Pooja. However, as we know, it provides immense satisfaction to do Pooja with personal items (sva-dravya). If you wish to use sva dravya, Sangh will be happy to provide you required guidance. 

We request all Sadharmik to come in Pooja clothes to participate in Sattar-Bhedi Pooja. Young children would be preassigned responsibility to lead individual Pooja within Sattar Bhedi Pooja. Please use the RSVP form to inform us if any of your young family members would be interested in leading one of the many Pooja.

Kind regards,
MSJS committee.

Sattar-Bhedi Pooja from 9:00 am followed by Samooh Aayambil

Brighton Town Hall
Cnr Carpenter & Wilson Streets, Brighton VIC 3186


Navpadji Oil

Navpadji Oli tap has been considered as a Shashwati Parva. It means Navpadji Oli festivals exist in all time cycles. During these nine days, we should do Aayambil - means - Eat once in a day in one sitting- a simple spice free food, boiled or cooked without milk, curd, ghee, oil, green/raw vegetables, fruits and sugar.
Regardless of if you do Aayambil or not, PLEASE try to observe the following's:
  • Do not eat root vegetables or eat green vegetables (lilotree) in these 9 days.
  • Do not do Ratribhojan.
  • Do Navkarasi and Chauvihar as many days as possible - at least do over the weekend.
  • Chant Loggasa, Do Khamasana and Navkarvalis as many days as possible – at least over the weekend.
The ritual of the Navpad Oli is done in the following way
Aum Rhim Namo Arihantanam 12 12 20
Aum Rhim Namo Siddhanam 8 8 20
Aum Rhim Namo Aayariyanam 36 36 20
Aum Rhim Namo Uvajzayanam 25 25 20
Aum Rhim Namo Loe Savva Sahunam 27 27 20
Aum Rhim Namo Dansanassa 67 67 20
Aum Rhim Namo Nanassa 51 51 20
Aum Rhim Namo Charittassa 70 70 20
Aum Rhim Namo Tavvasa 50 50 20
Please contact Akshay Shah-(M) 0433 372 741  if you have any questions.
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