Pravachan and Dhyaan session on 6th of December

World Parliament of Religions provided Melbournians to be blessed by the presence of spiritual leaders and a strong demonstration of Jainism. A yet another event to celebrate Jainism after the Community night and the Prabhu Bhakti Sandhya was:

Dhyaan and Pravachan session by Dr. Samani Managal Pragyaji

Day and Date: Sunday the 6th of December from 2-4 pm, followed by refreshments and finger food.

Venue: Umrao Villa, 87 Middle Park Dr, Sanctuary Lakes Resort, Point Cook, Vic 3030

Samani Mangal Prajna is a disciple of His Holiness Acharya Sri Mahaprajna and a member of the Saman order. Samani Mangal Prajna achieved her Masters in Jainology, Comparative Philosophy, and Religion in 1987, her Ph.D. work was on ‘Philosophical concepts of Jain Agamas’. She is the Vice Chancellor of M.S. Anekant Shodhpeeth of the ‘Jain Vishva Bharati Institute’ – the first and only Jain University recognised by the Indian Government and the University Grants Commission.

Her fields of activities are in teaching and training the ‘Science of Living’, Preksha Meditation, and Jainology in schools, colleges, and universities. She has presented papers in national and international seminars and conferences and written books on Jain Philosophy.

Preksha Meditation is the combination of knowledge from our ancient religious books, modern science and our experience. It is the practice of purifying our emotions and our conscious (chitta) and realizing our own self and a technique of mediation for attitudinal change, behavioral modification and integrated development of personality.
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