Navpadji Oli

Navpadji Oli starts Chaitra Sud 7 to Chaitra Sud 15.

Navpadji Oli Tap festivals are considered to be Saswati, meaning permanent. It means Navpad Oli festivals exist in all time cycles (past, present and future).  During these days, everyday worship is offered to the Navpad. Each day of nine days’ festival is devoted to nine pads of Siddhachakra.

During these nine days, we should do aayambil - means - Eat once in a day in one sitting a simple spice free food, boiled or cooked without milk, curd, ghee, oil, green/raw vegetables, fruits and sugar. Of course NO ROOTS.

If you are unable to do aayambil, PLEASE try to do the following's:

  1. Do not eat roots in these 9 days.
  2. Do Chauvihar as many days as possible - at least do over the weekend
  3. Do Loggasa Khamasana and Navkarvalis as many days as possible - at least do over the weekend

The ritual of the Navpad Oli is done in the following way: 

1 Aum Rhim Namo Arihantanam 12 12 12 20
2 Aum Rhim Namo Siddhanam 8 8 8 20
3 Aum Rhim Namo Aayariyanam 36 36 36 20
4 Aum Rhim Namo Uvajzayanam 25 25 25 20
5 Aum Rhim Namo Loe Savva Sahunam 27 27 27 20
6 Aum Rhim Namo Dansanassa 67 67 67 20
7 Aum Rhim Namo Nanassa 51 51 51 20
8 Aum Rhim Namo Charittassa 70 70 70 20
9 Aum Rhim Namo Tavvasa 50 50 50 20


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